Speed product feature updates and change-logs in February 2023

February 2023

One QR code is an efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective way to receive in-person bitcoin payments. No Point of sale or mobile app is required!

January 2023

Manage your balance and, transfer to your on-chain wallet at any time.

December 2022

Speed product new feature and releases in November 2022
Along with bitcoin lightning payment you can also accept bitcoin on-chain payments.
Get notified every time you receive a payment
You can now easily set your own business "from email address" with custom domain in the Speed platform.
You can quickly and easily send money to your customers over the Lightning Network using the withdraw APIs.

November 2022

Speed product new feature and plugin releases in October 2022
Let your team members access your Speed business account, and assign them roles to manage their access.
Create payment links with a few clicks or via APIs to accept any number of bitcoin payments for donations, crowdfunding, tickets, etc.

October 2022

With the Speed.js NPM package accepting bitcoin payments has become very easy by creating Checkout Links merchants can take payments from around the…